A musician must make his music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be in peace with himself because it has been said that, "The worst days of those who enjoy what they do, are better than the best days of those who don't"


Every student, right from his childhood sets a distinct career aim for his future. As the time advances, the aim set by him starts getting diverted to other options either because of their parental influence or deficiency in academic records. This is the initial point where student gets confused and at that point of time many questions arise in his mind like what to study? Where to study? And he tries in finding ways to realize his dreams. And because of this dilemma the students commits a mistake or compromises with their career and opts a career which is either traditional or doesn't know the career avenues available and ultimately ends up with an option which he or she didn't want to do.


Counseling helps student to analyze their strength, weakness by undergoing different types of cognitive, psychometric, personality and behavioral tests. Counseling also helps the counselor to understand the need and state of mind of the student. Accordingly he guides the students in drafting a suitable career plan. It has been found that in this part of region about 77% students opts the career Engineering or Medicine. And the reasons can be mainly accounted are:-

1. Lack of proper exposure.
2. Non – Informative.
3. Lack of career Planning.
4. Self- Analysis.

Career Doctors of CAREER CLINIQ

CAREER CLINIQ is a national level Career Advisory Body with the simple mission of guiding students to choose the right career path as per their interests and acumen. It is a team of highly dedicated trained professionals who have an up-to-date knowledge of the various emerging career opportunities and the prospects in the same. Our ‘Career Doctors' not only guide students with various career options but also conducts numerous behavioral, personality, aptitute and psychometric tests in order to determine the candidate's skill sets and thereby suggest alternatives.

Career CliniQ strictly follows the different behavioral tests and analysis to help students in drafting the career plan. The main aim of Career CliniQ is to provide quality need based counseling as per requirement of the student and to help them for the challenging career ahead. The role of Career CliniQ is to keep the students updated and informed, help them in career planning, self analysis and make them aware about the available career options with their subject combination and much more….

Career CliniQ is the official career counseling partner of various government colleges of northeast. Career Doctors keeps visiting various schools/colleges across the different districts capitals of Northeast round the year. To know when Career Doctors are coming to your town, contact the helpline number of Career CliniQ at 011-43852894 or mail at careercliniq@gmail.com or visit www.careercliniq.ind.in

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